18 December 2011

It's the little things that make the biggest difference

I told y'all about my electrical issues.

Well, the electrician fixed one of them today. The coffee pot is now on a different circuit from EVERY OTHER OUTLET in the house. It now shares a circuit with the microwave, so I probably can't run the two at the same time, but that's so rare that I don't even care.

Next, a part needs to be purchased so that the outlets on the exterior of the bus can be run straight from the pole. That way, it frees up a little more breathing room for the circuit that is EVERY OUTLET IN THE DAMN HOUSE.

I might get this electrical shit functional before Armageddon, y'all.

I also learned that magic buses have two distinct and separate electrical systems. One of them is a 120 volt system, and one of them is a 12 volt system that has a converter involved.
Sunshine almost wouldn't let the electrician proceed with the fix because the converter is an expensive fucking part and if we blow it up, it's gonna hurt to replace it. After careful study of all possible permutations of the wiring possibilities, the electrician and I ascertained that they were completely separate and completely isolated from each other, and neither the circuit that contains EVERY OUTLET IN THE HOUSE nor the microwave circuit had a damned thing to do with the converter part of the bus' electrical system.

I got my small fix.

Small victories are beautiful, especially when they mean that I don't have to unplug a heater to brew coffee.

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  1. I'm a total electrophobe. I don't like it, am sceered of it, will not even stay in a car when it is getting a jump (unless I must, and then I have to really grit my teeth to manage.

    I'm so glad you have a fix. We've been slowly rewiring this 100 year old house, and I'm relieved. It seems this house has seen a lot of DIYers before DIY was a trend, and the wiring in the walls reflects this. But too many things on the same circuit just blows.

    Yay you! Another reason for you to toast the holiday season. But not, it would seem until your coffee is brewed. Because toasters are also electricity hogs.