15 December 2011

This is my shopping list. This is my life.

Mollie's flea and tick medicine stuff
Acne medicine
Four $50 Target gift cards
Sandwich bread
Diet soda
Breakfast snacks
Sandwich meat
2 pounds bran flakes
2 boxes baking soda
16 cups non-iodized or pickling salt
Neatsfoot oil
3 1/2 cups battery acid

Yes. You read that correctly. Battery acid. I have been given a recipe that calls for baking soda, Neatsfoot oil, pickling salt, battery acid, and bran flakes.
What the fuck? Battery acid. And bran flakes. In one recipe.
Sunshine wants to tan a hide. I'm actually far more OK with this than one might expect for such a sissified, citified, fancified girl.
I just can't figure out the bran flakes, though. The bran flakes are boggling my fucking mind. The idea of transporting battery acid across state lines, well, it certainly has me concerned about being arrested for terrorism or attempted manufacturing of a controlled substance or something, but I'm certain that such an arrest would be one of those problems that money and a good attorney would solve.
The bran flakes are the thing that mystifies me. Go figure. Bran flakes and battery acid.
This is my life.


  1. And I thought my grocery list was random! LOL I'm sure The Band can pool together for your bail money if you get arrested. :)

  2. I like your list, especially the bran flakes that are not for consumption. I don't like bran flakes.

    Oh, and I don't like diet pop either. But I'm a conspiracy theorist about stuff like that and you didn't ask so ... *clamps hand over mouth*

    Catch you on the rebound ...

  3. Maybe the bran flakes add colour? O_O I totally wanna go shopping with you now. ;)

  4. Did you steal your shopping list from the unibomber?

  5. Wait, where do you buy battery acid??

  6. That was my question. Where does one procure battery acid??

  7. battery store. google battery acid + city name. they sold it to me, sho' 'nuff.