04 January 2012

I refuse to have the grumpy uglies today

So the last couple of days have been weird. Also, the dog shitted in the floor last night, which is odd because she is well trained. I think she just does NOT like the cold.

Sunshine is about to fuck his back up and leave himself immobile for a few days. To his credit, it's been a few years since he drove himself this hard, and I bet it's years before he does it again. He has one of those disk problems, and he has worked in this cold to the point where he can't stand up straight. I've seen this twice or thrice in our four years, and one of those times it was bad bad bad. I fear he's headed there again, because he is DRIVING himself to finish two large contracts. If he doesn't stop and rest (and heal), my visit to mom's will have to be postponed. Sunshine takes care of me, and I do my best to take care of him.

Yesterday didn't start out so great, and it ended up being a pretty good day. So I refuse to get the grumpy uglies because today didn't start out great either.

My lovely neighbor, Nan, is home from her work week in town. She is a delight. Tomorrow, I leave for a visit to mom's (provided Sunshine doesn't fuck up his back). Mom is, well, mom. There's nothing like a hug from mommy to make it all feel better, even if nothing actually changes, right?

In spite of all the little shit that conspires to make me batshit crazy, I am hanging on to some good things these days.

1.) This too shall pass

2.) I am not alone. We are none of us alone. We are all connected.

34.) Nan said she brought me shoes. Shoes, y'all. 'Nuff said.

4hundredeleventy.) Mom has a list of tasks for me to help her with. This is good--it means I can be a daughter to my mother these days.

63b.) I only have to love through any given day once. No matter how bad shit it, I don't have to live it again. When it's done, it's done.

17.) The puppy who shitted in the floor last night is snuggled up in my lap as we speak. Nothing like a hug from mummy, right?

So thank you all for the love and support. Thank you for helping keep the grumpy uglies at bay!

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  1. I love this post, I've never before thought that about a crummy day, how you only have to live through it once. I am all about the one foot after the other, one breath after another until moment replaces the crappy moment and another and another until a moment comes along that is not quite so crappy and the next is less so ...

    You are right. We are none of us alone, and that is pretty great. Thanks for this reminder. (I haz some grumpy uglies in the voice of my long-dead super critical grandmother that I must forcefully sweep under the rug. Ugh.

    Because that is a choice too, practicing saying no to the grumpy uglies!