14 January 2012


I am currently obsessed with a couple of things. I'm going to blather about them this morning, because I am bored.

I like eye shadow crayons. I don't know which genius thought these up; I'm just obsessed with finding more. These things are brilliant, y'all. I hate hate hate eyeliner pencils but I love love love eyeshadow crayons.

Sweaters. Because I am always cold. Severe anemia, probably induced by my love for foods that come in crinkly packages and live in vending machines. So I am obsessing on sweaters.

70s and 80s clothing. Not all of it. Think Halston. Think draping. Very flattering if done well. Brown. I like brown. It goes with everything. It isn't harsh like black. Also, wide-leg pants. Because in wide-leg pants, I don't have to hate my thighs.

Beads. I am currently obsessed with beads and jewelry. This was brought about by the upcoming auction over at Band Back Together. I pledged a couple of jewelry pieces and must go buy beads to create some things. I also pulled a couple of jewelry pieces out of my collection of 'costume jewelry' that I need to re-work.

I am, as always, obsessed with cleaning out the closet. I shop a lot, which means that I have to make room for my purchases. Some of the prime pieces are going up for auction at Band Back Together. Some of the other pieces, still good but not necessarily high-end, are going into the estate sale Nan & Pap will be having when they finish emptying out their old house. It is going to be an epic sale, with contributions from Nan&Pap, Nan's employer, myself, and heaven knows who else.

Toilet paper. I am always obsessed with toilet paper. Not just any toilet paper. It must contain aloe and E. Sunshine used to get irritated at the toilet paper obsession. Now he just gives thanks that such a little thing makes me happy. My tissue comforts me.

I won't go into the shoe obsession. I post too much shoe porn here to need to explain that I am a shoe whore.

Things that smell good. After driving 10 hours to visit mom, my car smelled like a wet ashtray. Because there was a wet ashtray in it. The fucking ashtray wouldn't quit smoking, so I dumped soda in it to put out the fire. (Hey, I didn't want to stop to deal with the problem.) My mom was astounded when I asked her for air-freshener to spray in ky car. "It's that bad that it's bothering you?" was her astonished reply. My bus sometimes smells like ashtray, too. I smoke; I just don't want to smell ashtray.

Speaking of smell good, Pi (pour homme) by Givenchy. Enough said. It's that good.

Now I think I will go cuddle up with my Mollie. She's the sweetest doggie ever.

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  1. You should start teaching us non-shoppers about clothes that fit and hide/accent things. Like: Leggings/tights are NOT pants and shouldn't be worn as such. But you know, like our own personal "what not to wear".