13 January 2012

Friday fashion fix: The "haul", part two

So my damn browser in my phone is whack and I got tired of fighting it to do my will. So it's a two post day, so I can finish my haul post.

Yesterday, I got bored. So I went shopping. I got two plain camis, one black and one brown, pictured in the previous poat.

Also acquired yesterday:

a beautiful brown merino wool sweater

a black cotton turtleneck from Ann Taylor

a creamy kimono-sleeved sweater from Old Navy

a silk button-up shirt by Liz

and a satiny rayon fitted motorcycle style jacket

So there's your Friday fashion fix, Joules. I love you!


  1. Thanks, I love you too! And can I borrow that jacket or what?

  2. It's the first time I'm checking out your blog and I already love your taste, not to mention the fact that you're somewhere near my hometown in Southeast Texas!

    I tried on that adorable kimono-sleeve sweater at Old Navy, but my boobs (Dixie & Trixie. Oh like you haven't named yours!)made it so it didn't hang right. I am loving that Liz print top underneath it! That print is so 40s. That jacket is hot!

    Love the clothes. Love the steampunk-esque background. Love a Texas girl!