11 January 2012

Random stuffz

New shoes. The only thing on my list that Santa didn't bring was lace-up boots. Sunshine won some money at the casino while I was visiting my mom, so he got me some new shoes. Because it's that time of year when retailers clear out winter stuffz to break out spring stuffz, I got a killer deal on these. I got new sheets with some of the money I had left over after I bought the boots.

I spent the past weekend with my mom. It was a pleasant visit, and I'm glad I went. The time with my mom was MORE than worth the pain of driving 10 hours each way to make the trip.

Speaking of worth the pain, I also got to finally meet Jana face-to-face. Jana is one of the board of directors over at Band Back Together. Her voice is like music and sounds like HOME. For the record, Georgia is 'home', the one I claim as being 'born and raised' there. Jana is adorable, and I'm glad I got me some real life #bandaid while in Georgia.

Speaking of #bandaid, another of our board members at The Band, Crystal, got the news that her son has leukemia last week. My cousin's 12 year old daughter has cancer wrapped around her spine. The Band's response to Crys' situation showed me a small thing I could do to let my cousin know I cared. Mail. More specifically, cards for both the parents and the children. In this age of instant communication, I tend to forget things like cards in times of need. I also am someone who tends to be clueless when it comes to "what to do/say when..."; I am so grateful for The Band and all the collective experience shared there. It's powerful shit, y'all. Pray for (or fling glitter at, or whatever you believe in) Crys, her son Jack, my cousin Dyron, and his daughter Sidney. Cancer is bullshit.

Lastly, I am bored. I am ready for my next (and last) semester of school to start back. Which means all is as it should be in my world, according to my sponsor. Give the new semester a couple of weeks and I'll be wishing it was over, and all will be as it should be in my world.

Post-Script: thank you for the brilliant ideas yesterday. I mentioned to Sunshine that I'm going to need a bigger minutes package, and he's already steeling himself for the increase in my monthly bill when I start to run out of rollover minutes. Y'all are brilliant, and I love you!

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  1. Still insanely jealous over you meeting Jana!