12 January 2012

Because I can't think what to say, you get shoe porn.

These are some of those unbelievable finds that I came across while wandering through the Goodwill stores in our area. Not one, but TWO pairs of Bruno Maglis.

While Bruno Maglis are not Louboutins or Manolo, they are spendy shoes. Who gives away Bruno Maglis?

Oh well. Score one for my thrift-shop skills. I sprayed these with anti-fungal stuff, put new heel caps on the white ones, and have less than $30 invested in two pairs of nice shoes. And who wants to invest much in white shoes when she lives in a muckhole, I mean swamp?

Maybe I'll go see what I can find today while I am out running errands.


  1. I'm so jealous. I live in Wichita now and our Goodwill store has oodles of crap like overalls, floral prints frequently worn by women in religious cults, and broken appliances from the 70s. Sigh.

    The next time I'm in Texas I'm heading your direction for some thrifty shopping!