10 February 2012

Friday fashion fix. Because it's #finechinafriday. And I shopped.

So, apparently Sunshine stuck $20 in a video poker machine yesterday and walked away with a lot more than that, because he handed me money and told me to go get some shoes. Or whatever else I wanted to get with the money.

So, here's what I got.
Chaus jersey knit top
Dana Buchman silk blouse (vintage)
Adrienne Vitadini jersey knit top with zipper on the shoulder
awesomely fun Joey O sandals
absolutely adorable J. Renee peep-toe slingbacks


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, he's mostly pretty fucking awesome!

  2. You have to show some more of how you put it all together. Or, you know, I could just see it in person:)

    1. How about both? I'll start a Saturday style feature, showing how I styled it, or will style it when I do wear it.
      Also, lunch, Dallas, March. WOOHOO