09 February 2012

I think I need some vicodin-chip cookies. STAT!

I'm not going to go into details of what I found today to make me want to kick the former office girl in the teeth.

Let's just say that she really liked paper.

This weekend, there will be both a great paper cleanout and a big ass fucking bonfire.

Also, Valentine's day not only needs to include new shoes; it also needs cheesecake. And cowbell.

I now know why they are eradicating the amazon rain forest. There's a lot of unnecessary paper in this file box.

Now, who's got the vicodin-chip cookies?


  1. Oh, you poor thing! I have been there and feel your pain! You deserve those shoes and some NY cheesecake!!

    1. got some shoes today, and they weren't even my valentine's gift. My Valentine's gift was presented early: a massage and pedicure package at The Peace Of Mind Center in Shreveport. Damn, he's good when he wants to be.