14 February 2012

Happy VD Y'all!

It's Valentine's Day. I'll be spending it discussing some ancient Spanish poem that made no sense to me, and cramming for tonight's geology exam. ugh.

I am not necessarily a fan of Valentine's day. I am OK with admitting this, because I am not the only one. Dawn isn't a big fan either. Here is her take on it.

Don't get me wrong. I certainly don't mind the gift. It's just that I don't buy into so much of the messaging out there. I don't buy into manufactured holidays like this one.

If my Sunshine couldn't be considerate and thoughtful and all that other romantic shit throughout the rest of the year, there wouldn't be much point in sucking up with a gift to prove his love on Valentine's day. Sunshine kind of sees Valentine's day as just an excuse to do something thoughtful on a bigger scale than the day-to-day stuff he is already pretty good at.

It's weird. Sunshine is the healthiest relationship I've ever had with the opposite sex. I wasn't healthy before the 12 steps, and he wasn't healthy before the 12 steps. Today, we both have a program. We're reasonably healthy people. and we have a pretty healthy life together. We are pretty nice to each other on a 24/7/365 basis. We don't need holidays to prove we love each other. And that is pretty fucking awesome.

Which leads me back to Valentine's Day.

And yesterday's rant.


Manufactured holidays to sell more stuff to make me smell better/feel better/look better.


You fucking ad-men can take your ugly-ass Pandora style beads, your butt-cheek looking open-hearts jewelry, your flowers that will die and become just more refuse to overstuff a landfill, your body washes/creams/sprays that contain ingredients that send my allergies into overdrive, your cards that kill the rainforest, and all that other shit you try and convince me I need, and you can shove that shit up your ass.

I am loved every day of the year, and I know it.

Now, imma go buy my little doggie a Valentine's Day treat.


  1. ....and a happy regular Tuesday to you!! ;-)

    (we aren't big Valentine's Day celebraters at my house, either, for most of the reasons you listed)

  2. Totally agree. Although the massage gift certificate I got from The Husbeast was pretty nice...

  3. You know what gift I would appreciate on V Day? A tree planted in my name, an endangered animal adopted, a giant box of bottle caps or goobers, a home cooked meal, a movie on the couch with a snuggle. Those things are personal and mean something to me. But roses and chocolate are what every other girl gets. And I'm not every other girl. I am me, and I am proud to be me. So treat me like I am me. I'm in love with love, but not Hallmark. So make this holiday about love, and maybe I'll like it more. <3