07 February 2012

The new job

OK, so maybe I'm dissociating a bit here.

That might be because it's the one job I most decidedly did not want.

'The new job' refers to MY new job as Sunshine's bookkeeper/paper pusher/person-who-keeps-his-life-manageable.

I've seen a tiny bit of what Sunshine's office person has to do. The bookkeeping is the easy part.

It's the rest of the job that I didn't want.

The vast majority of time is spent dealing with minutia and fixing other people's fuckups.

Thank heaven I had the foresight to go with the phone I chose back when TEXAS WAS BURNING, y'all. This ATRIX is more than my smart phone. Much like my pocket knife was my most useful tool as a stagehand, this smart phone has become my most useful tool as Sunshine's office person, and it's only been 5 days (counting today).

My laptop is the "heavy hitter". Its processors ran non-stop over the weekend. (Maybe it got to sleep some, but it sounds more dramatic if I pretend it didn't.)

And of the two hours I have officially been on the clock, one full hour of that has been spent fixing other people's fuckups.

Cleaning out the file folder that contained all of the unopened bank statements. Cleaning out the email inbox that contained emails from last July, including one that was a work order that Sunshine was never informed about.

Today starts my true work dealing with minutia. Figuring out what a new client's invoicing process is. Working to get insurance certificates to a contractor that is going through an insurance audit.

So far, Sunshine has been very tolerant while I'm learning my way through the accounting software his company uses, figure out the filing system, and find my way through his company. Let's hope he stays that tolerant, because I'd hate to waste a pretty shoe by sticking my foot up his ass because he starts blowing up my phone while I am in Spanish class.

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to be employed. I just didn't want this much TOGETHERNESS with Sunshine.

Shit. Time to get ready for school and battle with insurance companies.


  1. Ugh, my heart sank when I read the words "unopened bank statements". Good luck!

  2. Yeah. I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw unopened bank statements.