12 March 2012

The power of "we"

Each of the 12 steps of NA begins with the word "we", with the exception of 12, which still says "we" even if it doesn't start with "we".

I believe that this is no mistake. I believe, no, my experience has shown, that we can do together what I will never be able to do alone.

There is safety in numbers. Stand together. We shall overcome.

While the 12 steps all say "we" and treat my addiction, I have found that I can apply these principles in all areas of my life.

The Band says it beautifully. "We are none of us alone. We are all connected."

I certainly didn't come so far from the hell of addiction all by myself. I've certainly put in some effort, no doubt. Yet somebody had to show me how.

The Band has helped me connect with humanity outside of my recovery circles. People who are quite like me, even the ones who aren't addicts. I wish I found it as easy to connect with humans in my daily life as I do with the people in my meetings and people #withtheband. I'm working on that, I promise.

I'm just grateful that I've discovered the power of "we". It's the power of "we" that has made me human again. The power of "we" has helped me learn to love myself. The power of "we" has helped me see my own beauty.

So to all of you who are part of my "we", thank you.

Now, I'm gonna go clean my closet, because Tooks tweeted yesterday about how #hoarders should be forced to live in a magic bus for 6 months; it made me think about all the stuff that doesn't fit in my closet. See, there goes that power of "we", motivating me to go clean my house. Bwahaha!


  1. That Tooker. Always knows the exact right thing to say. I have a whole room to figure out today. Last week we had some surprise drywaller come in and finish some small jobs. Which forced me to shove things from two rooms (including one that could make a hoarder blush) into my front room -- this is a room that, while less used than other rooms, has our dining room table, china and passageway to our third and first floors.

    Now it is once again covered in stuff, much of which has no place to go. And I can't close a door on it.

    I am so glad I don't live in a magical bus right now. Our small space is near killing me, but I'ma persevere. Because if you are cleaning, then I'm going to clean with you.

    Thing about the we thing, I'm not always sure that it is possible to find a whole lot of people out there in the real world who are in a right enough place to just be real. I think what I'm trying to say is that sometimes it is not you, nor is it me, when it comes to making connections in the fractured society that we live. That said, I am pretty sure it is our responsibility to keep trying.

    Okay. Off to clean. Solidarity!

  2. Ouch, good luck with that #hoarders episode lurking in your front room! (((hugs)))

  3. Bwahahahaha! #thisiswhyiloveyou Glad I could help.
    The power of "we" is strong, my friend. We are none of us alone.

    1. I love you too! (and my closet door loves you for getting me to clean the massive collection of belts off the hook on the wall so that I can open my closet!)