14 March 2012

I don't wanna grow up. I'm a ToysRUs kid

OK, so maybe I'm more of a shoe whore than a ToysRUs kid, but whatever.

I got myself a resume. Thank you, Mr. Breakfastmeat, for your assistance.

Now I actually have to distribute my resume to places so that I can find gainful employment of the full-time nature. Because part-time just doesn't buy enough shoes.

If I stopped and thought about it, I'd probably be petrified. I am a little less than two months from my last final. Just typing that sentence gave me a nice, happy tight feeling in the chest, sort of like somebody parked the magic bus on top of my sternum.

I'm not so much afraid that "nobody will want me. I'll never be able to find a job." I've thankfully progressed beyond that. Well, most days. I do realize that I do have something to offer, that there are areas in which I am quite competent.

I'm just looking at the end of an era, so to speak. A nice, comfortable time in my life when all I had to do was focus on school. Well, that, and keeping the dishes and laundry clean, but that doesn't count. Even when I was a total fuckup, I had to keep the dishes and laundry clean. When you think about it, keeping dishes and laundry clean is a full time job in and of itself.

I'm just grateful that, as I face the unknown, I have such beautiful people to face it with me. I have my family, my NA family, and my Band family standing beside me, helping me calm my fears. Because "we are none of us alone. We are all connected."

And with that, I'm off to do laundry, dishes, and resource pages. Have a beautiful day!


  1. You will rock any job you get, and they will be lucky to have you!

    1. Some days, I can kind of believe you're right. Thank you for the love!

  2. You an awesome lady-whether or not you admit it to yourself.