22 June 2012

Burn the $30 candle, and other words of wisdom

I forget where in the hell I even read that line about burning the $30 candle. It was one of the most wonderful things I ever read, though. I had a damn houseful of rather spendy candles at the time. I assure you that they didn't last long after reading that line, and I don't regret lighting them and letting them burn. There's just something so soothing about flickering candle-light, and the.power of a good aroma to heal the spirit is beyond words. (You know I'm right. I always feel insanely comforted and happy when I smell my mom's pound cake.)

Perfection is unattainable. To strive for it makes you boring. ~Eva Mendez
Fuck if I remember which fashion magazine this quote was in, but there it was, on the cover. This one has been rolling around my mind and heart since I saw it a couple of months ago. Now, I agree that it is stupid-easy for Eva Mendez to say some shit like that; she's insanely beautiful, talented, rich, and famous. It still applies to the rest of us. My neighbor and dear friend got a mew house, and she bored me to tears with all the cleaning, and talk of how she planned to decorate, and all that shit. When I see a dirty mug in the sink, or a pillow out of place on a couch, I know somebody lives in the house. When I see Angelina Jolie, I know that she is much like Stacy London, who once confessed that she travels with an entourage because "it takes a village to keep this up". Those women are always impeccably turned out because A) they have teams of people to help them and 2) it's kind of their job to look that good.

We were all gathered round eating dinner one night here at the RV park, and George told Oscar to eat another burger. Oscar declined. George called him a "big sissy". Oscar replied that he was full, and he went by what his stomach told him. Oscar is right. I should listen to my body. When it tells me I'm tired, I should sleep. When it tells me I am full, I should quit cramming oreos in my mouth. When it tells me it hurts, I should take some medicine and sit my ass down for the afternoon.

So, y'all, I'm off to burn some candles and eat something that isn't an oreo. And when I go out tomorrow night, I'm not worried about whether or not my outfit looks perfect, I'm just going to wear something that makes me feel good.

Have a beautiful evening.

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