21 June 2012

Finding 'me' time

I've been told by my sponsor that I must make time for me. Ok. I like this idea.

It just seems that there are not enough hours in the day. There's always something that NEEDS to be done.

Here is where it becomes apparent that I am my mother's child. She wouldn't stop until everything was done. She is still the same way today. I learned this behavior from her. I may not carry it to the lengths she does....
But I am still her child.

And there is my problem. How to find 'me' time; and where is the separation between cleaning house because it drives me crazy not to do it, and doing something for 'me'?

I stewed in this problem for several days, until I could stew no more, at which point I asked my sponsor and the Band for suggestions. The Band, as always, had good ideas.

My sponsor told me that she has to carve her 'me' time out of her day and dare anybody to interfere with it. My sponsor is fucking fierce, y'all. I feel for the poor bastard who dares to interfere with her.

So with that in mind, I am now trying to figure out exactly what constitutes 'me' time. What is it that I want to do for me? Get mah nails did with gel? Sounds great, but then it becomes yet another something I have to maintain. Shopping? Ooh, yes, me likey. Except that there is no decent shopping in fucking Shreveport/Bossier; DFW is so far away. (OK, really it isn't, but with my schedule, I really need to be using my off day to clean the house and so the laundry and catch up on Sunshine's paperwork that I've already been paid to do and )

Oh. I see.

(Seriously. Light bulb just lit up.)

gotcha. Now, to find ways to front-load my time during the moments I do have so that I can spend an entire day in DFW doing city-girl things and shopping and shit. (Also, hopefully having lunch or coffee with Bandmates who live over there.)

Ooh, y'all, here's where mom's lessons become more useful. Be MORE like mom in the time I already have so that I can carve out a day to be way LESS like mom at least once a month.

Y'all are brilliant. Thank you for helping me find my way through this!

Now, if anybody has dtips on efficiency that will help me front-load my time, I'm all ears.


  1. You sound like my husband - - can't sit still and relax! He has to always be doing something, which drives me crazy because I am basically lazy :)

    1. I want to be lazy. I just don't know how.

  2. I have no tips - I am a lazy procrastinator who can conveniently develop clutter-blindness when I feel like reading a good book. Sorry love!

    1. Oh, to read a book again. And not for classes, just reading for the joy of reading. Reading to lose myself in somebody else's world...

  3. Time used to be an issue for me too. I always felt so guilty taking "me" time until I realized I HAD to have it or go insane. I began by taking baths. Nice lavender bubble baths with some epsom salt - they rock!

    You could go to the Boardwalk in Bossier? Or shop at one of the fancy dancy casino shops where everything is way overpriced...just don't curse or they'll throw you out! LMAO

    1. Perhaps I should go shopping. And maybe going into one of those fancy overpriced casino shops and getting thrown out for screaming "this is way too much money for a polyester shirt/fake leather bag/ugly pair of pants" would be just entertaining enough to try!