12 June 2012

A dog's life

One of these days, I'm going to have to hang out at Mollie's puppy school.

Yes. My dog goes to "puppy school", also known as Lucky's Yellow Rubber Ducky Doggie Day Care & Do It Yourself Dog Wash. Yes, that's really the name of the place.

We discovered it quite by accident. Sunshine had a masonry job 2 doors down from the place, and we couldn't help but notice all the dogs there. So when I worked the local crawfish festival a couple weeks later, Sunshine took Mollie to the doggie daycare.

It's pretty sweet. The yards are fenced in, and the dogs are let outside a few times a day to do their business and play. Inside, it's like a large open great room, with chair, sofa, (both adult sized) and a four post doggie bed. There is also a boutique with gourmet doggie treats, doggie shoes, doggie clothing, hair bows, and so-on.

The large dogs are kept in a separate part of the house, the little dogs are in the great room. In the back of the house, there are several grooming stations where you can bathe your dog. They also offer full service grooming.

No kennels here, ladies and gentlemen. The owner must be some sort of dog whisperer or something, because the dogs don't fight.

Fridays are "pool party days" during the summer. Shallow kiddie pools are placed in the yard and filled with water.

Did I mention that there are large patio-table-style umbrellas placed here and there in the yard?

Bowls of fresh water are placed in multiple places inside and out. If you pack a lunch for your dog, they feed your baby lunch. Mollie almost never eats her lunch there, but I always send one just in case she decides she's hungry.

Mollie has her place on the couch, and she is almost ALWAYS there, watching the door (sometimes the window) when I go pick her up. I call her name, and her little ears perk up, her head cocks to one side, and she looks at me, waiting for me to ask her, "you wanna go home?" Then she jumps down and comes flying across the room just as fast as her little legs will carry her, leaps at me, and licks my face off when I grab her. It's so sweet!

Today, I was so tired I just wanted to cuddle her on the sofa and let her lick my face til I fell asleep. Alas, puppy school is not for peoples, only puppies.

I really need to hang out there sometime, see what all those puppies do all day. It has to he too cute for words. Also, tiring. This picture is Mollie, fighting to stay awake on our ride home from puppy school.

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