30 June 2012


I'm guessing from the attitude I'm catching from my co-worker today that she's STILL pissed that I worked the floor instead of a register on Thursday.

Oh well. Hate it for her. She should get here early if she wants to choose her position for the day. She should also lose the condescending attitude, because it's just sad, really. And therein lies one of the great advantages of having a program today.

For the most part, I don't let other people make me feel inferior, insecure, or "less than" anymore--no matter how much they talk to me like I'm a stupid piece of shit.

Other people can only make me feel as inferior as I allow them to. And today, permission is not granted to make me feel inferior.

Jeez, I'm really pleasantly amused by how self-assured and secure I feel today.

(I would imagine my smile only makes folks wonder what the hell I'm up to BWAHAHAHAHA!)

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