29 June 2012

The beginnings of meltdown or first volley in warfare?

I had a headache at work the other day. Massive heading trying to go full-blown migraine. I stayed, because one girl overslept by hours and another called off with a migraine.

The assistant manager gave me a BC powder. (I used to love love love those nasty things. They work, and quick.)

Lesson learned. After years of Vioxx and then Mobic, I apparently have no stomach lining left. Phenergan didn't stop the upset stomach, and I woke up in the middle of the night trying (successfully, thank heaven) not to yarf.

I went in to work the next morning, feeling like shit. Got there early and got told I could work whatever register I wanted, which is a privilege afforded to those who arrive early. I asked to work helping stock the floor, which put someone else in charge of the fuel desk.

That someone doesn't like the fuel desk. She put on a game face in front of everyone else, but she gave me the whole condescending speech about how the manager wanted her to learn this and that and the other. She then proceeded to spend the day brown-nosing him and being (more than) a bit nasty to me.

So I may have fired the first volley in thermonuclear warfare.

I'm totally not worried. Because of my history, I'm so grateful for a job that I have been disgustingly accommodating. I have not been late, I have not complained about the times I haven't gotten a break (Louisiana doesn't require breaks, for the record), and I have not been all "I can't work Saturday nights because I go to meetings" or any other shit. I'm a new hire, I've been calmly and quietly eating my measure of shit. It hasn't been bad, so I haven't minded.

I also happen to know that the boss thinks I have the potential (and education) to advance within the company and will help facilitate said advance. There is also the fact that I am close enough to bi-lingual that I have already proven myself to be an asset to the store AND the shop in back that repairs diesel rigs. And, I have been eating my ration of shit, which has not gone un-noticed.

I also happen to have the luxury of a Mr. Sunshine. I don't HAVE to work. He would totally support me if I wanted to be a stay-at-home wife.

In other meltdown related news, I went shopping. I bought two outrageously overpriced Gossip shirts, a semi-spendy Jenny Han blouse, a pair of department store linen pants, and a pair of Just Cavalli trousers. I will have to post pics another day, I can't figure that out right now. I don't know if shopping was the beginning of the mushroom cloud or if it just delayed it.

I got some music swag from the lovely Dawn that did one of two things:

1) delayed thermonuclear meltdown


B) promised to make it more spectacular when it does occur


8) I forget what eight was for

I know, that list was more than two items. However, all are excellent possibilities. All are related and none of them are mutually exclusive. If that makes sense. Perhaps I meed to start a mew wall of shame.

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