20 June 2012

Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes

I wish this was all about how comfortable I am in my own skin and how ok I am with my body just as it is and yadda yadda blah blah.

It ain't.

It's about anything but me.

I work in a truck stop.

I see it all.

I saw the most incredibly beautiful man the other day. He was no Brad Pitt (who is also a beautiful man, by the way); yet he was so unbelievably beautiful to me. He might have been 5'4" tall (about Sully's size, for all you Godsmack fans out there, and isn't Sully beautiful too?) And looked pretty red-blooded American yet sounded pure Mexican as he talked on the phone. Light brown hair, almost light enough to be blond. Nice tattoos--both arms were sleeved. When he opened his mouth to speak to me, his voice (and English) was beautiful too. When he showed back up at my register to cash his comcheck to pay for the repairs to his truck, fresh from a shower, my heart melted a little bit. (Turns out he was a Mexican-American, which explains the perfect use of two languages.) The point here is that he was beautiful, without being Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson or whoever you think is drop-dead, to-die-for good-looking.

I have this friend, she's 52 years old. She's a size 10, which is certainly not model-sized. She has quit dying her hair and let it go grey. She is unbelievably beautiful, and incredibly sexy. It only makes her sexier that she speaks five languages and travels all over the world. To top it off, she is so fucking down to earth and relateable that I fucking live her hard.

My friend the cameraman, all 5'7" of him, fits the stereotype of California. All blond haired blue eyed dreaminess; yet what makes him so incredibly beautiful to me is his spirit.

I cannot leave my Sunshine out of this discussion. Since getting shot, he tends to carry a little extra weight around his midsection; yet it lies under muscle. His arms, chest, legs, back, and even hands are almost overly muscled from years in the masonry trade. He is all of 5'8" tall, all Native-American looking except for those shocking blue eyes. He has great cheekbones and a perfect nose and he is smart and funny and all that good stuff. He has a generous and caring spirit. He treats everyone he meets with dignity and respect. Sunshine is sexy as hell.

My business law professor was one sexy woman, too. Size 10 or so, flaming red hair, laughs too loud. Smart as hell.

I could go on and on.

I think the common denominator in all these people is their self-assuredness; their comfort in their own skin. While each is certainly pretty to look at, each is also beautiful to talk to, to hang out with, to know.

I hope I can be that damn sexy one day.

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