03 July 2012

Four days

Yesterday was the first of four days in a row that I don't have to go to work. What am I going to do with myself for four days?

A whole lot of nothing, I think.

It was an unexpected thing, four days off; and I was kind of sad at first, because it will make my paycheck smaller. The end result is that I needed four days off. I needed to know that I didn't have the pressure of "I have to work tomorrow, I have to do ALL THE THINGS and I have to do them NOW.

I needed to decompress. I needed to just sit and wonder what the hell I am supposed to do with myself. I needed to know that I can take a day and just go to the grocery store and not have to do ALL THE THINGS when I get home from the store; and maybe, just maybe, I'll go get my nails done and do some shopping.

Like, maybe those bad-ass new Revo shades I have had my eyes on and want to have on my eyes.


  1. I hope you watched terrible tv or read trashy mags or just vegged out on the couch and didn't give in to that nagging desire to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.
    And I hope you got the shades. I bet you look like a badass in them.

    1. sadly, dear, no shades. yet. If the fucking city would pay up for the work we completed over a month ago, we wouldn't be in a position where I have to spend my income so damned wisely. I had to buy groceries, and ALL THE THINGS that we need for the house and ourselves. However, I did get the nails did, and I did watch some tv, and I took a wonderful nap.

      AND, I am still socking away money for those shades. AND Sunshine says that since I haven't been collecting all the pay he gives me for doing his paperworks, I can collect it all at once at the ed of July when we go to Dallas to visit a friend. I smell some new (to me) Manolos waiting for me at Clotheshorse anonymous or Rethreads over there!