04 July 2012

Pig roasts and film crews

How in the hell did I wind up with a film crew on my agenda for today? I certainly didn't wake up a month ago and say to myself, "self, lets entertain a film crew for the fourth of July", so WTF?

I blame Sunshine. He is far more comfortable with the film crew than I am, which is completely ASS-BACKWARDS considering that I am the former stagehand and he is the technological caveman.

I had hoped for sleeping late today, and then watching brain-rot-tv throughout the afternoon. I had kind of thought about going to see Matthew Davidson perform at the Louisiana Boardwalk this evening; the kid's got talent. Sunshine had planned to go wild-boar hunting last night, so he had intended to sleep late and pretend to watch brain-rot-tv this afternoon, but then he spoke with the film crew.

I suppose I had better back up and explain the film crew. Lucid, Inc. showed up here in our little community some months ago in their quest to make a documentary film about Caddo Lake. They talked to various people, and wound up hearing about my Sunshine and his wild boar hunting. This fascinated them, as they had never heard of such. They made contact, and the rest is soon to be documentary history. He has spoken with them on camera at length about the wild boar problem here in Texas, and they have filmed a day hunt on at least one occasion. They want to film a night hunt as well, and this is part of the intended purpose for this trip to town. Another big piece of their plans for this trip would be the fireworks display tonight, which is cool but not my cup of tea.

Anyway, enough digression.

Somehow, without consulting me, Sunshine decided it was a great idea to have them come eat with us for the fourth of July. What the fuck? I am most decidedly not happy about this. I am a far more private person than Sunshine, and have no interest in being on camera for any reason. I also had no intention of putting on actual clothing today unless we went to hear the music this evening.

In their defense, I will say that everyone that I have met from Lucid, Inc. has been really nice, and Chloe is bad-ass (in a very good way). They seem to be a very professional bunch, and are likeable individuals.

It's just that I wanted to be a couch potato today, and now I have to entertain. I think Sunshine and I need to have a talk about this shit of not asking me before he makes plans that totally affect me. That is unacceptable behaviour.

Oh, well, nothing I can do to change this shit for the day, unless I want to develop a migraine or something, which doesn't sound like fun. So, off to put on some make-up and fancy-pants and eat wild boar with a film crew. I suppose I should be grateful that it isn't a crew from "America's Most Wanted" or "Cops" or "Jail" or something coming to do a "Where are they now" type of follow up, huh?

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