27 July 2012

Suddenly, I want to try something new

Sunshine just went out and bought himself a new bow. As in bow and arrow, archery, another way to kill pigs. Or something like that.

When he was talking about his intent to purchase, what I heard come out of my mouth was

"I wouldn't mind having one, too"

(or something like that)

Huh? Who am I?


But I think I really do want to learn to shoot a bow and arrow.

You reckon the instructors are going to laugh at me if I show up for lessons in Manolo Blahnik stiletto-heeled sandals?

Archery counts as exercise, right?


  1. I think if you show up in stiletto-heeled sandals they'd all be afraid of you! But be sure to take a pic!

    1. I shall definitely document my learning process if I take up archery. It should prove interesting.