26 July 2012

now that's fucked up

So, the co-worker that set off the thermonuclear fit the other day? Is now holding an entire fucking store hostage with her shit-tastic behaviour.

I now have to work some night shifts and some day shifts next week because this co-worker is being moved from nights to days so the management canm"keep an eye on her". Sadly, I am not the only store employee being fucked over like this. All of the day shift cashiers are getting fucked in the ass the same way.

I would totally QUIT except for the fact that it is easier to find a job when you already have one these days than it is to find one if you actually NEED one.

I'm grateful that I have a program today. Otherwise, I'd just start acting just as shitty as this coworker, because apparently that's how you get what you want at this place. Instead, I am going to shop away my feelings this weekend and


that a very dear friend tweaked for me, and I am going to go look for a new job.

Here is where my program really kicks in.

Instead of acting shitty at work to get my way, I have the comfort and security of knowing that I am a healthier person than that today, and that Sunshine has my back whatever decision I make. Which means that I could just up and quit and my bills would still be paid. While that is an unpalatable choice to me (because I have grown beyond letting others take care of me), it is definitely an option if work becomes too filled with bullshit.

Thank heaven for a program that helps me find the good in a shit-tastic situation, and thank heaven I have sense enough to be grateful for it.

Now, friends, I am off to get through the next three interminable days at work. After that, a couple of days where I hang out with people who fucking love me, and some serious thermonuclear ballistic power shopping.


  1. I'm sorry it's so shitty at work. I'm pulling for a new kickass job for you as well as those sweet shades.

    1. I am so trying to hold out until I can get some of those spanish conversation classes under my belt. if I can speak spanish more easily, my options get better.