24 July 2012

Thermonuclear warhead launch sequence initiated

So yesterday at work, it's past time for me to be out of my register and off the floor and I have the line from hell when my relief finally shows up and drops her drawer under the counter and wanders off. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a half hour after I should be gone, I finally got the line knocked out, logged out of my register, and left the floor to count my money. I have no idea where my relief was. I just snapped, and I left the floor. Fuck it.

The manager was in the safe room when I went to count my money. I told her what I had done. Her response? "Good for you!"

I still can't believe I snapped like that, and that my manager was way cool with it.

I smell some new shoes and some new shades coming my way. And imma think about it as long as I thought about abandoning my post at work yesterday, which is to say about one eleventymillionth of a nanosecond.

By God, I want something new. Something luxurious. Something unnecessary. Something that's only purpose is to make me smile and feel good. I don't give a shit if I DESERVE it or not. I'm worth it anyway.

Thermonuclear meltdown has begun.





    Also, I approve.

    1. you know, at the time it felt a little temper-tantrum-ish, but now it just feels good.