25 July 2012

Just how clueless are our policymakers? Let's just say you can't fix stupid.

They're fucking lost. That's how clueless they are.

My friend Stacy got me thinking about this shit with this post.

Now that you've read that post, let's talk about it.

Bloomberg wants to ban soda. Prohibitionists wanted to ban booze. Look what that got us: Capone, The Valentine's Day Massacre, Bonnie and Clyde (OK, so Bonnie and Clyde was about banks and not booze)

You can't legislate morality, people. You can't legislate health, either.

The bad part is that the fuckers who are setting policy in this great nation are fucking clueless. It's not just the government. It's corporate policy wonks, too.

Like the company where I work. "We seem to have the most of Product X in stock, so that is what we will focus on selling. We are having a competition to see which region can sell the most of product X, and within each store, the associate who sells the most of product X will be served ice cream at the monthly store meeting by the associate who sells the least of product X"
(Let's ignore the fact that we don't have store meetings for a moment and talk about the real issue)
Product X is a piece of junk. We had so many product X items in our returns bin yesterday that it was not even funny. We have so many of these fuckers in stock because people keep returning this fucking junk and not exchanging it for more of this fucking junk. Nobody who has ever owned product X before is buying product X again, and those who DO buy product X for the first time are quickly returning it. Check your fucking returns before you decide that you have too many in stock because you need to sell more.
Bottom line, I refuse to push product X. If someone asks me about product X and my honest opinion about it, I have to lie and say I know nothing about the product because I don't use the product.

It gets worse. Our corporate policy is that we are supposed to look at each customer's loyalty card or credit card and then call the person by name.
When I am shopping in a store and someone starts collecting my personal information off of my credit card, I get that psycho stalker vibe and leave without buying. Seriously, if it isn't stalkerish to you, then you at least have to admit that it is awful identity-theft-creepy.

I think we need to make these damned policy makers, whether they be corporate or government, go through an undercover boss type thing quarterly. Although I don't know how many of them it will help, as this will only cure the ignorant ones. You can't fix stupid.

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