11 July 2012

Why the magic bus isn't moving just yet

Sunshine and I talked about my desire to move. Now. He understands and is willing (provided I find the new place to park it).
Yay, me! Right?

He did throw some shit at me. Like his "five-year plan" for this new business he's working on, and the bills we're looking to eliminate over the next couple of years (like the bus and truck payments), and how we can have more options if I can just sit still for a while.

Y'all, sitting still is HARD. I want what I want and I want it. right. now.

(Especially after that woman that recognized me from work came up to me on my lunch break and informed me that her son left something in the room out here and she had told the owner to send it with me.)

However, one of the neat things I learned early in my recovery is that it's beautiful to have options.

It just sucks that, sometimes, options have a price.

Bottom line: the magic bus isn't moving just yet.

I gotta get out of the fucking swamps for a minute. And soon. I smell a shit-stomping fit coming on.

Shopping, anyone?

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