12 August 2012

There is no time

I made my meeting last night. Whew, I needed it.

It is the meeting after the meeting that has me thinking today. See, I was talking to my sponsor, who works in the addiction recovery field in this area, about whether or not there might be a need for a bilingual counselor in the area. Not that I want to be a fucking rehab counselor, but it could open the door to me being able to help women, which I do want to do.

I was told that there was some sort of accreditation coming up and lack of a bilingual counselor was going to be an issue. This accreditation? Is only a couple months away.

That is only enough time if all I do is live, eat, breathe, and sleep spanish between now and then, but I cannot afford to move to Cuba for 8 weeks.

There is no time.

I will do what I can to get fluent, and start reaching out to those who can help me. And if it means telling my current job to kiss my ass, so be it. Today was horrific any damn way.

Wish me luck! Imma need it to get fluent that fast without moving to Cuba.

All of the above has taken me back to a conversation with the former manager at my store that occurred just before he left the company. He was talking about that magic number, that one that everybody with a job has in the back of his or her mind; that number is how much more s/he would have to be offered to change jobs. His number was $100/week more. I didn't know my number.

Sunshine's big question for me last night helped me decide my magic number. He asked if I'd really be ok with the drive every day, since I hate it so bad right now.

My magic number is one. One less rule about having to wear ugly ass company approved shoes. One less unpredictable schedule. One less ugly polyester craptastic smock.

My magic number is one.

I would probably work for the same or less money to gain that.

I am so thankful for Sunshine and the luxury he affords me. Thanks to Sunshine, I could just turn in my letter of resignation tomorrow and tell my work to fuck off and kiss my ass. If it gets too bad, I don't have to make it through the next few weeks.

And that is comforting indeed.


  1. You will rule at that job! And bonus recovery points for being surrounded by those still in the thick of it. Great reminder.

    1. Now, if I can just get in over there...; and whatever WAS meant to be will find me.
      Oh well, if I don't, it wasn't meant to be.