15 November 2012

No, my blog did NOT eat your comment

I got a spammy comment the other day that said that my blog had eaten the previous comment.

I laughed so hard that pee came out my nose.

(No, I don't exaggerate much.)

The comment was on this post, which includes one doozy of a video of the former stagehand's union's business agent (who is actually a pretty interesting guy, as you can guess by taking a quick peek at the video). Why the hell that post is attracting so much fucking spam from Estonia or Ukraine or wherever is beyond me. Whatever.

I got rid of the "prove you're not a robot" catptcha thing because my girl Chibi hated it so passionately. I will NOT remove comment moderation.

I will NOT post your half-witted badly translated english comment of "accidental misinformation" that then links back to your blog that probably phishes people's accounts and steals their identities, if not their souls.

My blog did NOT eat your comment. I threw it in the trash where it belonged.


  1. But, if you just link to my blog at www.nosepickingporn.com you will win 1,000,000.00 Estonian sparkles!


    1. Bahahahaha, I just laughed so hard that snot came out my butt! #thisiswhyiloveyou

  2. On Trifecta we get the weirdest spam. We had a submission on Trifecta Anonymous by an anonymous Band girl *cough Shevaun cough* and it gets spam every single day. I don't know how they pick 'em. Thank the gods the spam filter gets them before they're published or the cred goes downhill fast.

    1. I think they either share the link, or all spammers are really one fucking dorky guy in a closet in Estonia.

  3. Ha! Some of those spam comments really make me laugh.

    I do the moderation thing, too.