29 November 2012

Repurposing With a Purpose

I'm sitting here, mind adrift with too many ideas to count, piles of creativity spilled across my makeshift work table (An old, beat up ironing board. Don't ask.).

And it's all Cindy's fault.

A few weeks back, Cindy emailed me and conned me into taking some things off her hands. She was minimilzing things in her life, she said, would they maybe be of use to a crafter like me? If you're crafting on the cheap like I am, you jump at the opportunity of free materials.

Cindy outdid herself.

I have beads, metal, scraps of a once loved Armani shirt, charms, embellishments, and who knows what else. My laptop is open to a list of tutorials, my Pinterest board of ideas in another open tab.

Yeah, you read that right, SCRAPS of an Armani shirt.

Part of Cindy's email mentioned an Armani shirt that was stained and, in her mind, ruined. She said the fabric was still good though, maybe I'd have a use for it. Cindy had seen the fabric flowers I make and thought maybe the shirt could be used for something like that.

I nearly died.

I was the poor step-child growing up. Both of my step-sisters had extended families that spoiled them with expensive clothes or makeup. I, on the other hand, came from middle class on all sides of my family. I had to buy my own makeup with money earned from babysitting. I've never owned anything from a high-end label, even second-hand.

The idea of cutting apart an Armani anything, stained or not, hurt deep.

Cindy had wise words for me, though.

She pointed out that the shirt would otherwise be destined for the trash. Why not transform it into a thing of beauty instead?

And so here I sit, surrounded by strips of cloth that were once something gorgeous, tasked with making them beautiful once again.

I tried to pay Cindy for the materials she sent me, she wouldn't have it. I offered to make her something, she pointed out that she was minimilzing. Instead, we agreed that out of the items she sent, I would make a treasure to donate to the upcoming Band Back Together Auction. From her closet to my work table to changing lives.

Not a bad life for an Armani shirt after all, hmm?

**TiaMaria is a amatuer writer, crafter, creator. She can be found blogging here and works with Cindy at Band Back Together.


  1. I love your stuff and think everyone should buy buckets of it for Christmas gifts.

  2. Tia, it made it so much easier to let go of things knowing they would go to a wonderful place. They went to a beautiful person who would do beautiful things with them. Now, I gotta figure out how to bid on an Armani flower when paypal? Hates me. We're the Band, we'll figure something out!
    Again, thank you, Tia.
    I love you hard!

  3. That's a lovely repurposing, Tia, and it is fun to work with materials that have some ... cache, if you will. =)

  4. This made me tear up.

    You are both so awesome.

    So very awesome.