19 November 2012

Why Sunshine hates HGTV

Let me start by saying I love HGTV. What's NOT to love about it? I mean, in addition to beautifully designed homes, you've got some serious eye-candy.


However, it isn't the eye-candy that bothers Sunshine.

It's the eye-candy's manner of dealing with clients that drives Sunshine batshit crazy. See, on HGTV, the designers hold their clients' hands throughout the whole process. These guys take their clients to the stone yeards, the furnishing stores, and the stores where they buy all those specialized plumbing/lighting/whatever fixtures.

These days, Sunshine actually has to take time away from physically laying brick/block/stone to go to the brick/block/stone yards and hold his clients' hands as they choose the brick/block/stone they want to use to build/decorate their home/landscaping/whatever. 

However, all this hand holding has given Sunshine some funny stories to tell. Case in point:

Sunshine was in the brick/block/stone yard a few weeks ago with a couple who was trying to pick some brick/block/stone. The woman had gotten there before the man, and had already looked at some options. The husband arrives, and the wife starts questioning the husband about his thoughts on her choices. The husband starts to say something like "It doesn't matter what I think about what you've chosen. You've aren't going to like what I...", at which point he realizes exactly what kind of trap he is about to set for himself and says "You're very pretty."

I wish I'd see some shit like that on HGTV. Antonio Ballatore would have a field day with that.


  1. Can Sunshine film these people? I am seeing a YouTube channel here. . .

  2. Ha ha ha ha ... I would watch the youtube channel and weep.