31 December 2012

You asked for it: New shoes!

Over the last couple of years, there has been a seismic shift in my mindset.

I have become far more minimalistic. Tyler Durden said it well: "The shit you own ends up owning you." (He also said "You are not your fucking khakis" which is one of the greatest lines I've stewed in ever, but I digress. More on Tyler Durden another day.)

This new-found minimalistic mindset has even applied itself to my shoes. Now, that doesn't mean that I will never buy new shoes again. I did just mention that I wanted to fix by buying new shoes in a post about something entirely unrelated to shoes; Jenn actually picked up on it and asked to see pics of any new shoes I bought.

So, Jenn, just for you, here is how it goes when I buy new shoes these days.

It starts last week when I look at the black pumps I am about to put on my feet and realize that these poor shoes are literally falling apart from the inside out. I won't traumatize you with pictures, because it looks like the insides of these poor shoes have leprosy (or some other condition that makes your skin peel off in layers).

Now that I have ascertained that new black shoes are actually a necessity, it is time to go find some worth buying. ROAD TRIP, because shoe shopping in Shreveport? Sucks, yo.

I went to one of my favored consignment shops in Dallas, and I proceeded to try on every black shoe in the place that was in my size. Alas, if it had arch support, it pinced my toes or my heels. If it felt good to the toes and heels, it either didn't have arch support or didn't have any cushioning for the balls of my feet. This particular shop wasn't a total bust, though, because I got an amazing deal on a pair of navy blue Leifsdottir trousers that aren't bullshit. I digress again. This is how my mind works.

OOH look, it's a bunny!

Oh yeah. The shoes.

I left that shop and decided to head to my other fave consignment haunts in Dallas, but got distracted by Park Lane as I drove. Park Lane has some good shops, like Saks off 5th, Nordstrom's The Rack, and a Bloomingdale's outlet. AND a Whole Foods. It doesn't get any better than that. I mean, have you tried the coffee at the Whole Foods Coffee Bar? It saved me Friday morning as I was trying to shop on one single solitary cup of coffee. I digress. Again.

I went from shop to shop looking for black shoes. Nothing felt right. Except maybe this one pair of shoes at Saks Off 5th; but even after stomping around on their marble floor for quite some time, I couldn't be sure.

So I left and went to yet another store, only to face more disappointment.

Back to Saks Off 5th I went. I put on the shoes again and stomped around some more. My sponsor was so proud of me for being rather mature in the way I went about fixing on new shoes--I didn't just fix, I made sure I got a good high.

The end result? Of course I got the shoes.

And? They're fucking comfortable. I win at something, damnit.


  1. Those shoes are very very yummy. I'm searching for my balance, personally. =)

    1. Oddly, they don't feel as high as they look.

  2. Those? Are OMG adorable! And? You must stomp around an extra five minutes for me since I can no longer wear such fabulousness. Now, if you want to talk about slippers, I got some killer cozies for Christmas.

    Ooh, look, a bunny!

  3. You totally win! Thank you! I needed that. Those are too cool.

  4. They are super cute!! I love them.

  5. Those are classy sassy sexy cool. Kinda like you. Nice find.

  6. SWOOSH! All net, you win! You had a fun day of shopping and got yourself some sexy ass shoes too. Rock on!

    (Me? I'd fall down and break an ankle)