23 January 2013

If necessity is the mother of invention...

then boredom is the mother of re-invention.

I made a scarf out of a vest yesterday, and I made a cardigan out of a bathrobe.

I promise, neither of these moves was anywhere near as genius as it sounds. The vest buttoned up in front and in back. When I unbuttoned both sides, I had a perfect scarf. The bathrobe? I just lost the belt and had a cute little cardigan.

I did make a pile of things that absolutely MUST get the dye treatment as soon as we have some cash to spare for something besides food. I have all of these white items, and you can just imagine how often white gets worn when one lives in the swamp. I finally realized that I am wasting the money I spent on these things if I leave them white. I mean, the cost-per-wear? Is astronomical. I'm honestly ashamed of myself. However, a few bottles of RIT dye and I have myself some clothes that I will wear the hell out of.

note to self: do NOT buy any more fucking white clothes. If you DO buy any more white clothes, go ahead and stop by the RIT-dye-getting-place on your way home.

 I should probably just break down and sign up for a damned pinterest account, because I have this fabulous hot pink suede hoodie jacket that I am dying to dye a darker color (ideally, navy, but I'll settle for oxblood, which is a fancy word that means burgundy). If anybody has any idea how to dye suede/leather without fucking it up and without spending a queen's ransom doing it, please let me know.

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