19 January 2013

Where does one put all the things in a magic bus?

This one's for my girl Jen, who wondered where one puts all the things in a magic bus.

When we first decided to move into a magic bus, I wondered the same thing. It hasn't been as difficult as I had feared. For starters, I have come to realize that I just don't need a bunch of stuffs and things. We really haven't missed all of the things we didn't bring into the bus with us: knick-knacks, excessive quantities of cups and pots and pans and specialty kitchen gadgets, multiple televisions, all those DVDs and CDs that we never enjoyed, clothes we never wore, furniture we never used,

the list could go on and on.

However, that doesn't answer Jen's question. So, I will try.

RV manufacturers have years of experience at making these things hold lots more stuffs than you would think. The couches often have storage compartments built in them, and the dinette banquette seats have storage built under them, the bed has storage underneath it, and there are compartments above everything to store stuffs and things.

I'm too lazy to take pictures of our magic bus, so here's a couple of pictures I found through google.

And to show why I might hate my so-called kitchen, here is a picture of one very similar to ours.

Our kitchen has fewer cabinets, though.

There are also storage compartments outside.
You can see them under the slide-out living room. (While we do have the slide-out living room, we do not have the slide-out bedroom. This bus is slightly newer and nicer than ours, but it gets the point across.)

So I guess the answer to Jen's question is two-fold: we don't have a lot of stuff, and there are a surprising number of storage compartments built into these things.

Now, if I could just get the blankets and hygiene products to quit fornicating, quit buying mustard, and start using some of that shit up, I might have more storage space than I knew what to do with.


  1. 1. You must need to very organized.
    2. I'd never know where anything is. (not that do now)
    3. It's cold, the blankies are just trying to generate heat.
    4. I did the same thing with ketchup. Every time we went to the store Mr. Me asked do we need ketchup and I just.kept.saying.yes.
    5. I don't even really like ketchup.

    1. I am not a mustard fan, yet we have all that fucking mustard. I probably wouldn't have to count my pennies while grocery shopping today if I hadn't bought so much shit we don't need in the past.
      Also, Yes, it does take a degree of organization, but it is easy-er to stay organized when there isn't as much shit to keep organized.

  2. I would have to label everything, because I can never remember where I put stuff after I've organized. Thank you for explaining! I want storage in all of those places too, I think (labelled). My in-laws talk about moving into an RV after my MIL retires, but I don't know if she could give up her cabinets full of knick-knacks.

    1. don't tell your MIL, but they make busii and RVs with much more furniture than ours has. They make entertainment centers and built-in desks and such. The neat trick with us? We have so little stuff and so few spaces to put it in that we generally don't have to look for long before we find something when we forgot where we put it.

  3. It seems that living in an RV is a lot like living in a motel room....except your storage is fancier, because our is mostly stacks of boxes.

    1. Your shower is probably much bigger, and you probably have a bathtub. Otherwise, yes, I can see the similarities--our kitchen is really just a glorified kitchenette.