08 May 2013

More reno teasers

Son we finally got an actual entertainment center! No more oversized teevee sitting on an oversized coffee table!

Believe it or not, we actually gained a couple square feet of floor space when we brought in this monster unit. It has a lot of storage, just with a smaller footprint than that coffee table.

Now, I have to figure out how to make this dark wood unit work with the things we're doing in the back of the magic bus. Black slate tile, chocolate grout, blue-ish/grey-ish/purple-ish iridescent murano glass mosaic wall tile with bronze border, white vanity and fixtures, and grey wall paint. Oddly, it all goes beautifully with our summer AND winter comforters. We have a chocolate and black couch, so I've got to figure out the floors in the front half of the bus.

Picking all the pretty things is so much more fun than the actual reno work coming this weekend. Anybody with any ideas, please help me pick all the pretty things for the front half of the bus.

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