07 May 2013

Obsessions can be so RANDOM sometimes

I've been obsessed with some random shit lately. Living through a reno makes one a bit batshit, you know, and I'm no different.

I've become obsessed with spoons (and other flatware) thanks to the wondertwins Tia & SuperTeala. Tia wants spoons for a project, and Teala's dad once made a wind chime out of spoons and forks and shit, and a season 11 Project Runway contestant made a necklace out of spoons, and spoons are for stirring coffee, and in The Matrix, there is no spoon...

I've also become obsessed with Rick Owens, Isabel Benenato, Martin Margiela, and their sort-of post-apocalyptic-looking clothing. These designers are masters; the deconstructionist elements fascinate me. Martin Margiela has made vests out of broken china plates; I'm obsessed with this perfectly beautiful and absolutely delightful thing. I'm also stalking some Balmain velvet moto pants at a consignment shop locally, which is actually a very constructed garment but so fucking bad-ass that it will just WORK. I'm thinking that all of my new purchases might be a bit much for this small town in the swamps, but I don't care if it IS a lot of look for these tea party Christian country folk. (Disclaimer: I have nothing against Christians; it's small minded judgemental intolerant assholes I have a problem with. I actually know a few Christians who are quite like their Christ, and that is noble. Also, country folk are fine until they become closed to anything that isn't countrified.) I'm just too damn old to worry about what some close minded person thinks of my clothes-especially when I don't like their clothes any more than they like mine. So now I'm trying to figure out how to make the plate vest, but Sunshine says 'NO!' because the sharp edges will cut me. Damn spoilsport.

I've also been obsessing over the details of my magic bus reno. I am debating painting the cabinets; this 80s blonde oak veneer cabinetry is hideous. I'm just trying to decide if I hate it bad enough to disassemble it, sand it, and repaint it, or if I want to try to figure out how to attach bought cabinets to RV walls. Neither option is attractive, so which is the lesser evil? Iono yet; thank heaven I don't have to know yet.

My other obsession lately? Leslie Satcher's "Gypsy Boots". So what if it's a country song? It's a rollicking good time, and Leslie is an amazingly beautiful woman. It kind of makes me want some gypsy boots, whatever those are.

So there are my random obsessions du jour. Enjoy them; I sure am.


  1. I love your obsession with spoons. #that is all #thisiswhyiloveyou

    1. You just like it because it is evidence that your super powers of mind control are working bahahaha #iloveyouhard #thatisall