27 September 2011

Doing more with less

I was talking to the neighbor today about living in an RV.

Let me say that when Mr. Sunshine and I first decided to move into an RV, I was a bit concerned. Such a small space, all that "stuff" we own, taking on the monster-sized payment PLUS lot rent PLUS satellite TV PLUS phone bills PLUS groceries.
You get the point.

In the past 15 months, I've realized that we have absolutely no fucking use for all that "stuff"we we own. I had no need for all those clothes and shoes I used to have. My life is much simpler.

But back to the neighbor, and the point of my rambling. The neighbor and his wife just bought a very large fifth-wheel RV to use as their permanent residence. They had debated building or buying, and decided that they'd rather not have to dick with upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. Their RV is paid for, their bills will be minimal, they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Now, the ultimate point of my rambling. While Mr. Sunshine and I did take on a monster-sized payment to buy this magic bus, we have less than three years of those payments left.
At that time, our expenses will be minimal. Lot rent, satellite, phone bills, groceries.
That is so unbelievably comforting to me. I spent a lot of years fucking off, which means I am 42 years old with no retirement funds. I am just now about to finish my college degree. I'm going to need it to help offset my criminal record.
The future frightens me. The economy is terrible. Unemployment is rampant. People with no criminal history can't get a job.

Yet, after talking with the neighbor, I feel better. If we can just make it through the next (almost) 3 years of payments, life will be so much simpler. That's comforting to this recovering addict who fears the unknown that the future holds for her.


  1. Wow. I am proud of you, sweetness. I am nowhere near as close to being comfortable as you are. Damn kids. Taking the time to count your blessings is important.

  2. You are a badass and you got your shit down. The future is always the unknown and is scary as hell, but you have a plan and it's a damn good one.

  3. I don't know how comfortable I am, or whether or not I've got my shit together; I think I'm just good at pretending. For the moment, I've found some momentary peace. Thank you both for the love and support!

  4. Girl, everyone's scared of that future. But it sounds like you've got your shit together and a hell of a lot of experience to learn from. Nicely done--an inspiration for the rest of us.

  5. I'm with the rest of the gang on this one. We each come in with our own unique and hard-won skill set. Some skills are good, whilst others just get us in trouble. I guess it is down to skill management to get us where we need to be.

    Right now we have a house, we were near paid off but we did some renos that really cost us this year. Some needed, some expensive probably beyond what they needed to be. So I worry. What else is there to do. I'll worry until we get it on the market but that will not help us get it on the market, working on it, chipping away at the things that have to be done will. Now. Who's going to fire up the engines so that I can have enough energy to pull things together. I just don't know.

    So ya. Worry.

    But we have a house. My guy has a job. If he doesn't, he'll likely get a kickass settlement (its the power company, and they're taking out 10% this year because the premier is stupid, and wants to score points). And we have a business waiting to be kickstarted so we're quite likely to be okay.

    It's just hard to keep a balance, you know?