02 December 2011

For Joules: Friday Fashion Fix

This one is also for me, because I woke up with a vicious sore throat, which makes me feel like shit. My wardrobe is my armor, y'all. There's just something wonderful to be said for the power of clothes to lift one's mood. When I look good, I feel good--even on days like today when I most decidedly do NOT feel good.

Velvet Galliano trousers, in a brown that makes me crave chocolate. They feel a little bit 70s, which I love.

Dana Buchman silk blouse, sort of peasant-ey or pirate-like. Or something. This is not a delicate feeling silk; it feels thick and luxurious.

Michael by Michael Kors leather platform boots. (These would be my "mountain-climbing boots", for those of you who read my "Quest for holiday glitter" post over at Band Back Together. Now that it actually feels like boot-weather here in the swamps, I'll have to do some boots for my shoe-porn posts that were started for Ass Muppet.)

Belt: Papaya
Collar Necklace: ???
Pendant: somewhere in Arkansas
Watch: New York & Company
Ring: my stone wrapped by Luther

This outfit may not look as elegant as some of my clothes, yet it feels just as fabulous. Also, it makes me feel like chocolate pie, or cafe latte, or something yummy like that. So, Joules, there's your vicarious fashion fix for the day, because
A) I love you
2) fashion is fun.

Now, if I could just get rid of this sore throat...