05 December 2011

It's Monday. Time for a dose of happy!

Over at the Band, all of the little elves who make it happen get together once a month a do a card swap. It's so we can get some happy mail in amongst all the bills, junk mail, and bills.

So this is my card this month, along with some cookies that were safe for me to eat (meaning they were citric acid free, woo hoo!) from the ever wonderful Joules.

Part of me wanted to be greedy and gobble these cookies all up. But that just made me feel like I was hoarding dope, which is not how I want to feel after six and a half years without dope. So I shared them with my Mr. Sunshine, who agreed with me that these cookies were really really good.

So Joules, I hope you don't mind that I shared my cookies. They were so good that I probably would have gone into a diabetic coma had I gobbled them up alone. Also, I figured that since the Band spreads doses of happy, I should too.

That's my dose of happy today. Do you have one? Head on over to the band and join the link-up!


  1. I don't mind at all, I figured that Mr. Sunshine deserved some too! And I'm glad it made you happy because you make me happy:)