04 December 2011

Winter in the ArkLaTex

I like it what passes for winter here in the ArkLaTex. It gets (relatively) cold and it is gray and often rainy.

Maybe I like it because it appeals to my inner emo kid. Maybe I like it because I love cashmere and silk. Maybe I like it because I like soup and chili and stew and cocoa and such.

It doesn't matter why I like it.

I just like it.


  1. I absolutely love cold weather. My favourite day is a rainy sunday. It's a great excuse to stay in my pyjamas all day and eat comfort food.

  2. Maybe you like it because it was one hundred and fifty thousand degrees for three straight months. A girl needs some relief from such things.

  3. I lived in Shreveport for a long time and loved when it snowed!