05 December 2011

It's time I jumped on the bandwagon for the December edition of the World Tour

I don't remember what all of the individual possible prompts were. I'm hoping I can find the linky to link this post. Whatever, it's December, and I haven't done my World Tour post yet. Time to help the Band bring back the happy.

As an addict, I have to say that Christmas was generally strained before I found recovery. It is getting better, though, with each passing year that "the other shoe doesn't drop" (meaning I continue to beat the odds and defy my family's expectations that I'll show up wasted and bitchy). My mom, well, she's the best. Even though she disapproves of the fact that my Sunshine and I lack legally married status, she called on Saturday to ask what Sunshine and I wanted for Christmas. (Let's ignore the fact that mom, sis, and I had agreed-nay, promised-that we weren't buying presents this year.)

When I told her that we could use an electric blanket, she asked if we'd like dual controls.

This may seem like it isn't anything. For me, it's SOMETHING. Mom has set aside her disapproval of our lack of a marriage certificate and welcomed my Sunshine into the fold. With some relief, I might add. When I said 'electric blanket', she decided that it was exactly what she wanted to do, because it could be a gift for both of us, as she had no clue what to get him. Throughout this whole conversation, mom gave no hint of her opinion on my [lack of] morality. The only hint of negative emotion I got from her was when I tried to remind her we had agreed 'no presents', at which point she pretty much told me she was going to do what she wanted to do and yadda yadda blah blah, which totally made me smile.

This is just awesome. This is about so many spiritual principles that I would miss eleventy dozen if I tried to name them all.

This marks the Christmas that I finally feel some real fucking healing in my family.

That totally brings back the happy.


  1. I will gift you if I want to, gosh darnit! Heh, sounds like my mom:)
    (Also, I'm happy that she's moving towards acceptance:):) )

  2. It's those monumental things like acceptance masquerading as little things like electric blankets that can mean so much.

  3. Awwwww, I'm all teary-eyed! So much love to you, Sunshine, and your mama. <3

  4. Healing in your family is a HUGE thing!

  5. This is an awesome post. Well-said. Bring on the electric blankets, yo.

  6. Full. of. the. Awesome.