13 January 2012

Friday fashion fix: The "haul"

So, in honor of my friend Joules, today I'm showing you all the goodies I've acquired in the last week.

It started when Nan came home from work with a skirt by Misook.

Then there was my trip to mom's. While I was there, mom & my sister & I went to the Mall of Georgia to hang out for a bit. My sister pointed out that there was an H&M there, probably because she was so entertained by how angry I got at the clothes in the H&M in Dallas. While we were at H&M, I got

a creamy cardigan.

After dinner, we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, where I got my Mollie some new boots. 
 When I got home from the trip, Sunshine gave me some money to buy new shoes, so I got Guess booties.

I also got two lace trimmed camis, one grey and one blue.

1 comment:

  1. Nice haul. What does it say about my fashion sense that I'm all, ooh cute boots, I could actually wear those. Except they're made for a dog. Ha.
    I wish I was the bootie wearing type of girl because those rawk.