23 February 2012

How did I become THAT bitch?

You know that bitch. The one that is never satisfied with anything. That bitch that treats people in the service industry as mere servants. That condescending and snobby bitch that I cannot stand to encounter when I am out and about.

So how did I become that bitch?

I have no excuse. I owe an amends, which will be delivered when I return to the place where I acted such a donkey (as long as they didn't fuck up my pants).

It is all about dry-cleaning.

I haven't used a dry-cleaner in the town where I live/work in over 5 (five) years. Hell, I personally haven't used a dry cleaner at all in 5 years, thanks to how awful the major dry-cleaning outfit in this town is.

I couldn't avoid it, though. It was a winter-white wool Malandrino trouser with a chocolate stain that I was deathly afraid to tackle myself.

I certainly wasn't going to take it to the major outfit here in town. I got sick and tired of taking my Armani pants to them and getting those four-figure pants back shiny and double-creased, hanging over a cardboard tube after I specifically requested that they be returned to me, hung by the waist, on the clamp-style pants hangers they were hanging from when I dropped them off. Fuckers didn't even have the decency to return my fucking pants hanger they didn't use. I am not paying that kind of money for somebody to double-crease my trousers and make them shiny when I am perfectly capable of doing that myself. (I also am perfectly capable of hand-washing said trousers and then ironing them with one crease and not making them shiny.)

So when I went to the other reputable cleaner in town, I told them I had quit using dry cleaners in this town because I got sick of double-creased, shiny four-figure trousers hanging from cardboard tubes wrapped around wire hangers.

I'm pretty sure I need to be slapped for that shit.

In my defense, it's not like I can afford to just go buy more four-figure trousers because the dry-cleaner fucked them up. I spend a lot of time scouring consignment shops, goodwill, and yoox for nice clothes at prices I can afford, and I don't want some stupid-ass dry-cleaner fucking up my nice clothes.

That said, when I go get my pants, I don't give a shit whether they got the stain out or not. As long as they return my pants hung by the waist on the hanger I left with them, I owe those people an apology for my shitty behaviour.


  1. Actually, as long as you didn't yell or curse - I don't think you owe an apology at all. You made your requests known and it's their job to fulfill them - its that simple. At the very least, they need to re-do the job (if at all possible) and not charge you. In my very humble opinion.

    1. no cursing or yelling. I also apologized to the woman and promised to bring all future dry cleaning to her. Not only did she make sure it was clean and hung right, their prices are about a third of what the major outfit was charging me to fuck my shit up!

  2. Laughing a little only because quite often I lambaste myself for saying something to someone in some way that later seems harsh or badly memorable to me. I then go and apologise only to have the person look at me as though I am insane or tell me they remember nothing. =)

    But I know what you mean, about projecting the faults of one onto all.

    I sure hope, if that second shop knows what's good for them, they get those pants hung up good and proper on the hanger as supplied. Else ... duck! CindyLouWho on the Loose!!! (egads!) (can you take video?)

    1. sadly, no video. they got it right, and charged me less than the other outfit. Lots less! I totally apologized, and she said it was OK, she had heard lots of complaints about that other outfit. I will be using these guys again and again!