19 March 2012

Dose of happy Monday

This is how I spent my Friday:

I went to Dallas (which is awesome, I'm such a city girl), I met up with some friends from the Band Back Together Project, we had lunch, then me and Joules went to the mall. I wish Teala could have gone too, but she had stuff to do. I'll definitely have to go see her again.

That's my "dose" of happy.

Now for the heaping plate full of happy. (Forgive me for my emotiinal state. I am coming up on a clean day anniversary, and those always make me mooshie.)

Aunt Becky created this thing we call"the band", right? She created it so we can know

"We are none of us alone. We are all connected."

It started as a group blog that has become such a wonderful place for me to feel so completely OK with being exactly what and who I am. That feeling is just reinforced in the small things I do behind the scenes, like proofreading, and light researching, you know, small stuffs. The site couldn't function without all the wonderful people Aunt Becky brought together to help her do all the things that have to be done to make the Band happen. And as we all work together, we get to know each other.

The connections are real. The connections are meaningful. The glitter and cupcakes and unicorn farts that fly around amongst us all is such a bright spot in my life.

It gets better. I have talked on the phone with other "bandmates". I have met up with other "bandmates" IRL and shared coffee, hugs, good food, and shopping with beautiful people.

I honestly believe that any one of these beautiful people would be there for me in a heartbeat to lend me an ear to fill with words that don't adequately express my emotions; with a shoulder to cry on and a kleenex to mop up the snot and tears; with a firefighter mom to monitor the fire monitoring websites from the west coast while I sleep at night (thank you so much for those much needed nights of sleep, querido); with open arms and open hearts if I were to need them. How many people can say that they have friends like that?

And it's all because one woman decided it was time to get the band back together. Who would have thunk it would become such a huge fucking thing, inside AND outside of my computer?

Thank you, Aunt Becky, for calling for is to get the band back together. Thank you to each and every board member, each and every editor, and each and every one of the brains behind the band. You rock my fucking socks off and I love you.


  1. I've got tears.

    (and some jealousy about your fun Friday!)

    The Band rocks hard. I'm so blessed to be a part of it. Love you woman!

  2. Oh, I love you, Cindy! You'll have to come to Dallas again soon! And we'll go shopping and stuffs. :)

  3. I love you hard. And the rest of the Band too.