04 April 2012

Current events

I have a lot on my mind this morning. Probably because I didn't really have time to process my day when I got home last night. I spent my day yesterday dicking around while North Texas got hammered by storms.

OK, so not ALL of it was dicking around. I actually got a few errands done. I also got in some quality time with my photographer. I joked with all of our mutual friends that I was getting intimate with Jonathan and his camera.

Here goes my train of thought, careening down a mountain, bouncing off of cliff faces and shit.

Intimacy. I believe that the most intimate thing two people can do together is sleep. When the human animal is asleep, defenses are down. For some reason, I find the interaction between photographer and subject to be extremely intimate. Maybe because the camera doesn't lie. I don't know, I just know I enjoyed my day with my friends.

I've got Trayvon Martin on the brain, because it is all over the media. I would be a liar if I said I didn't see skin color, it's not like I'm blind, for fuck's sake. It's just that I don't see skin color as any more significant than hair or eye color. My heart, my spirit--they don't care what skin color my eyes see.

The racial undercurrent in all the media reports makes me think of my friend Elliot, whose skin is dark and whose hair is fabulously big. Thinking of Elliot reminds me that I not only THINK in hashtags and @ mentions, I fucking speak in them too. I was talking to my friends yesterday, who also happen to be friends of Elliot's, and I referred to him as @Reshaud. Out loud.

Which reminds me that I spoke in hashtag at an N.A. meeting the other night. Someone shared something that had me wanting to shout 'amen' and 'hallelujah' and 'say that shit'; what came out of my mouth when she finished sharing was '#thisiswhyiloveyou'.

I told you my train of thought was about to go careening down a mountain.

North Texas got hammered by tornados yesterday. Which reminds me that we have entered tornado season here in the ArkLaTex, that wonderful little shithole of the world that sits at the intersection of the two tornado alleys in this country. I am referring to the traditional tornado alley, the plains states; and 'Dixie Alley', which is pretty much the I20 corridor from the DFW Metroplex to the ATL (I don't just think in hashtags, I think in airport codes, too), then up a bit to encompass Tennessee and the Carolinas. I read a weather.com article listing the 10 most tornado prone states, and Dixie Alley outranked the traditional tornado alley, with Alabama expected to move up from 8 to 6 after last year's outbreak.
My point being that I live in a fucking bus in a very tornado prone area. And it's tornado season. Good times.

Speaking of good times, I bought shoes yesterday. (I know, big surprise, right?) Also, there goes that train of thought, bouncing down the mountain. For your viewing pleasure, I have attached the shoes.

Now, I'm off to my day, which needs to include working for pay. Because I bought shoes yesterday.


  1. #thisiswhyiloveyou. Because you write like I think.

  2. #thisiswhyifuckingloveyou