22 November 2012

What am I thankful for today?

I'll start with my recovery. I am clean today. That is the miracle of my existence today. The lie is dead, we do recover.

I have my Sunshine and my Mollie. Mollie loves me no matter what, and so does Sunshine. When I got told last week that I was stupid for my political beliefs, Sunshine says to me "Well, then I guess I'm stupid too, since I agree with you. We'll just have to be stupid together."

I am grateful for you guys, my readers. You guys are the friends I wish I had here IRL instead of only inside my computer. I am grateful that I know I can reach out to any one of you like I did to my homeslice Tia, who was the one who helped me regain perspective after being told how stupid I was by somebody who is supposed to love me regardless (wow, Tia, this supposed to stuff is getting really deep).

I am grateful for the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, The Band, and all the ways each person found there has helped me find joy, peace, and beauty.

I am grateful that Sunshine's weird diet has apparently been working, even without the fat-burning pills that he forgets to take every morning. I never minded his size for the sake of size (because really, he is so muscular; he just carried a little extra around the middle), I just HEARD his doctor when he repeatedly told Sunshine that losing weight would help lower his astronomical blood pressure. I kind of like having Sunshine around, so anything that helps him live longer and healthier is good. (For the record, Sunshine has lost a total of 32 pounds in the last year, 22 of those in the last two or three months.)

And I am grateful for dressing (stuffing, whatever), because that shit is good. Time to go stuff mah face.


  1. I love reading your posts, Cindy, and I'm sorry that someone not so bright told you that your opinions were less than because they are pretty awesome, in my humble little opinion. So I'm grateful for you. Yup you. xoxox (and also my freedom from my own addiction).

  2. I love that you share the things in life that are just...things. It resonates so much with me.

    1. They're the things I've come to treasure the most. I'm glad you enjoy them!