05 May 2013

Renovation realities

Charcoal (almost black) slate tile with a dark Terra cotta grout. The colors? Very Yves Saint Laurent 1976. This is my bedroom floor, and will soon be my bathroom floor.

One of these days, Sunshine is going to kill me for all these ideas I get from watching HGTeeVee and DIY. I made him put ditra under the tile; I wanted the moisture/vapor barrier and the flex that ditra provides. Thank you Mike Holmes for teaching me about it, and thank you Damon Bennet for convincing Sunshine we needed it.

When we get the murano glass mosaic tiles up in the bathroom, I'll post pics. I promise.


  1. When I win the lottery, you are decorating my house and picking out my new wardrobe. I can't wait to see more of your renovation!

  2. Perfect colors, Cindy! I'm so excited for you! My friend's husband feels the same way whenever she is watching DIY shows. He's like, oh boy, what project are we doing this time? ha ha

    1. Sunshine also hates those channels because now, homeowners expect designers and contractors to hold their hands through every step of the process, and to give them three options for every decision that has to be made. Poor Sunshine, he always gets stuck with the ones with a.d.d.