09 January 2013

There is always hope

Not so very long ago, I wrote about all those tiny trial sized tubes of biotene toothpaste that were breeding like rabbits in my bathroom. If one didn't know better, one might think I had become obsessed with that shit.

I realized yesterday when I went digging in the medicine cabinet that the amount of shit in there had somehow gotten lesser. Upon discovering that there was less stuff in the medicine cabinet, I checked in the cabinet under the sink. There was less shit under there, too!

Somehow, we still have enough body wash to bathe the entire U.S. Army and half of the Marines. However, we now only have one spare bottle of conditioner and two small bottles of shampoo left under there.

I felt a little bit giddy when I realized what was happening.

Slowly but surely, I am getting rid of excess stuffs and things. I even have fewer shoes these days, with plans to donate a few more pairs that haven't seen daylight since long before I started this journey towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

It feels good, y'all. It feels good to know that I really can live happily with less stuffs and things cluttering up my space. I am not my fucking khakis.

Now, if I could just get Sunshine on board.


  1. De-cluttering feels so good. I have this weird joy when I use up food in my freezer. Which is kinda ridic because we always need more food.

    1. I'm kind of realizing the same thing. Even though we have almost used up all of the shampoo (or was it conditioner), sooner or later we will need more. It's a vicious cycle.

  2. It really does feel good to de-clutter! It can be done! I did that over the weekend in my closet (with the Eminem song going through my head the whole time - hey, don't judge!) and when I was finished, I was two pairs of shoes lighter and tons of shirts and shorts lighters. Now, they may be sitting in the back of car waiting for me to get my ass to the Salvation Army (today after my hair gets did, I swears) but man, my closet looks so good!!

    Also, I ran across a great article about de-cluttering your stuff helping de-cluttering your mind! Bonus!!

    Great job, Cindy =)

    1. Google "Tyler Durden is a minimalist" and/or "Tyler Durden philosophy". Tyler Durden might be a fictional character but that motherfucker is smart. Tyler Durden wants us to free our minds. I'm starting to drink the Tyler Durden kool-aide.